We're the first agency in Romania that specializes in industrial real estate and land brokerage. We work closely with global and local developers to help businesses of all kinds and sizes grow their manufacturing or storage capacities by finding the best possible solutions the market has to offer. And when the market looks like it might not have the right thing, we go out of our way to find it. We love this business. Some say we’re also good at it. Hopefully you’ll be saying the same thing after we’ve worked together.

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Industrial & Land Brokerage

We do big projects, medium-sized projects, small projects, and even tiny projects that the big agencies normally don’t even take a look at. Because we’re different. We believe that any project is an opportunity that can lead to another opportunity. Any project we take on will get our full and undivided attention. We’ve done quite a handful of production and storage projects but throw any type of project our way and we’ll make sure we get it done.

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Tenant representation

  • Market overview – that means we know what’s going on in the market at any given time.
  • Market insights – we’ve been around long enough to know what works, how it works, who we can talk to, when and how. You know, the stuff you won’t necessarily read in the business news about.
  • Reporting – every quarter we find out more things about the market. And that’s when we compile a clear, easy-to-use report that we share with our clients.
  • Contract negotiation – we’re with our clients all the way. And we always, always make sure we get the
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Landlord representation

  •  Property marketing services: we can help shape an identity for your property. Sounds a bit off maybe, but we’ve seen many good properties not get the attention they deserved juse because they lacked a good presentation. After we create the presentation, we can also show it to a select database of tenants and buyers.
  • Market intelligence: we get the correct property pricing for renting or selling.
  • Market research: we can provide area analysis and opportunity investments.
  • Deep local market knowledge